Central Coast Heritage Tree Foundation

Central Coast Heritage Tree Foundation

Greetings and Gratitude from Oak Nation!

Giving Back to the Earth


With Black Diamond Vermicompost
Will Benefit North County Oaks

Life of a tree starts in the soil.

Most of the heritage-sized oaks in our downtown areas are between 100 and 200 years old and potentially not even halfway through their lifecycle. Like any other creature taken out of its natural habitat, urban oaks sustain a lot of stress yet they manage to maintain their enormous uprightness despite the challenges of living in a world surrounded by humans.

We can help them by replenishing the natural soil resources that have died off because urban trees cannot compost their own organic matter like woodlands can.

We are so proud to be partnering with Cristy Christie, the owner of Black Diamond Vermicompost in Paso Robles, and her sidekick, Kevin Stitt, to deliver the best and most biodynamic soil treatment that vermicompost has to offer. Cristy and her team have demonstrated success enriching oak health with their products. You can read all about this amazing organic material HERE.

With Your Tax-Deductible
(can be shared by 2 parties)
Donation to CCHTF
You Will Receive
50 Lbs of Black Diamond Vermicompost
50 Gal Black Diamond Vermicompost tea
Applied by our professionals through water aeration system
(Takes roughly 2 hours per tree)

“We could say that each species in nature should have a voice in the “democracy of species.” Species are not just materials or resources; they’re nations, collections of individuals. I say I live in Maple Nation. Someone else might live in Oak Nation. It’s important to recognize that there are these other nations of beings within the one we call the United States.” Robin Wall Kimmerer

The Central Coast Heritage Tree Foundation is an education and action-based community organization created to preserve and restore Templeton’s legacy and heritage oak trees. We need your help to manage our aging trees along with valley oak woodland and urban forest by utilizing preventive tree care, soil restoration, planting our own Templeton acorns, and educating our community through conversation and connection. Do you have a beautiful oak on your property? Do you wish you had one? Let us know! We have an adopt an oak program. Do you have acorns or need oak saplings? We raise Templeton acorns to be giant heritage oaks for the next generation. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.

Central Coast Heritage Tree Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization
A community grassroots organization created for the protection, preservation, and preventive healthcare for legacy and heritage oaks in the greater Templeton area.